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1990 Classic for sale with all spares, a LOT of spares!
Nearly a second complete vehicle worth of spares, good 4.0 and builder core 4.2, three transmissions and transfer cases (One 4-speed manual), front and rear axles, drive-shafts, bonnet, front and rear fenders, front doors, rear glass, tail-board, wheels, varied types of vehicle computers, 4.2 wire loom, 4.2 alternator, lots of plastic for inside and out, too much small stuff to list.

Runs well and I drive it often.
Good oil pressure and does not overheat, alternator works fine.
Needs some one with the patience to tinker with it.
Has a drain that will kill the battery just enough to prevent starting if left connected overnight.
Some interior panels are off in an effort to locate the mystery drain.
Needs a new headliner if you care about that.
Check engine light comes on after about ten miles of driving but I have not found a reason for it.
May stall after a hard stop when warm.
Has ABS.
CLEAN Nevada title, never wrecked, some minor dings from "Off-Road" travel but the spare panels are about perfect.
Recent new springs and shocks.

Really too good for parts, mint chassis and a ton of spares so perfect for an off-road enthusiast build.
Asking $1250.00 for EVERYTHING!
May take a little less if you show up with CASH in hand and take it ALL or if I keep the 4.0 engine.

I've decided I want my 88" back in operation so the Classic has to go.

Richard, (775) 78three-four867
Gardnerville, Nevada, 89410


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