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I have for sale the grey headliner material I purchased from Headliner Express to recover the sagging headliner of my 2004 Discovery G4.
Sadly the truck was totaled in a wreck last Spring, and I no longer have the truck or the need for this material.
It gave its life to save my daughter's.

The material is brand new and the package has never been opened. It is as I received it from Headliner Express.

I am asking for $75 + shipping. This material is now selling for $118 from HE. Shipping will be in the neighborhood of $20 I estimate depending on your location.

I am located in SE Michigan, if you are local to me, we can arrange a FTF sale and save on shipping expense if you like.

My preferred contact method is email: [email protected]


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Ill supply free technical support to anyone that buys Bunk's Headliner Material, Ill teach you how to Dismantle and Install these Material on your existing Headliner board. Bill
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