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Disco, Bike or boat. Located in MA.

Heres a few of the mods.

Cobra R hood.
S-trim 7# pully
UPR Boost pipe. (I see 9-10#'s)
42# inj
90mm lightning MAF
255lph walbro
t-rex inline
70mm TB
GT40 intake (mildly ported Lower)
TFS stg 1 cam
1.6 scorpion roller rockers
GT40 X-Heads
Romac Balencer
AL Fly wheel
2.5 in Fluidyne radiator.
AL Drive shaft
Poly Bushings in the front end
Poly motor mount
poly tranny mount
17x9 machined 03 cobra fronts
17x10.5 afs machined 03 cobra rears.
Corbeau race seat
steeda triax
steeda cluch quadrent
steeda firewall adjuster
bbk shorties
bbk o/r h
Flowmaster cat back
Tweeker tuned.

The white Cobra R's are gone. 03 Cobra wheels are in there place.
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