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ilovemydisco said:
Hi all. The fiance just bought an Alpine head unit that is XM ready, and is planning to install it in his F150 when the last part he needs arrives... sooo, since XM lets you have a family plan where you can add service to another vehicle for like an extra $6 a month, I want it in my Disco (1997 D1). My question for anyone who can answer it... what is the better way to go... to buy the portable XM receiver or buy a new head unit? And if I did go with a new head unit, how would I get my Pioneer (standard equip) 6 disk under the seat hooked up? Thanks!
well now .. thats a difficult thing.. i would say get the portable thingie as it would be much easier to connect to the existing unit rather than getting a new xm ready unit that will accept your cd changer...if u want to go for the head unit you may have very limited options as the cd changer is compatible with very few head units..finally it is your choice..
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