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I've been done my fair share of research on this importation issue. I have yet to find a definitive answer to my situation. I'll keep this brief.
I'm a U.S. Marine currently on special duty assignment at the American Embassy here in Sarajevo. The British Embassy here in Sarajevo is willing to sell a 2000 Land Rover Defender 110. The U.N. building here in town is also selling a few 96-97 110's. Now reading all that I have read so far, would it be any easier for me to get one of these fine rigs back to the States given the fact that I'm active duty military? The H7 forms say something about it but I'm looking for a better answer. Can any of the Rover-vets offer any insight?

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The short answer is still NO. Got to this website

and read up on the regulations. If you can find yourself a 1993 Defender 110, you stand a btter chance of getting it in legally, because a Registered Importer (on behalf of a client, presumably) has already done so, petitioned, and been given a VSP file number (212) The fact that this file exists, and must be referenced, at least allows the vehicle ashore, even though it still will require certification by DOT and EPA.

Temporary importation is available to diplomats, and military of FOREIGN gov'ts, who are stationed here, but don't take it personally that it isn't a priveledge afforded US servicemen. Since there are thousands returning every year, that would open the floodgates.
Your best route, apart from buying one here, is finding a '93 over there.
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