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I just test drove the RR V8SC and LR4 V6SC in prep for my lease return on my LR4 V8 and I came away head hangin' low. They DESTROYED the subtle power modulation and quietness of my LR4's V8. The V6SC was noisy, tinny and power was not something I would find easy to modulate in Low Range. I could never in my right mind swap my LR4 for the new one.

So to remain in a truck with a luxuriously appointed interior with true offroad capability, which is important to me, I'm forced into the RR line which already makes me feel a little elitist and showy, but to be railed into a SC'd V8 with it's huge wheels, and unnecessary power just to avoid the V6SC is really disappointing.

Interestingly, I find the 4 cyl TurboSC of VOlvo's new X90 to be far superior to the V6SC of LR. It's unfortunate that it's not an offroader or I'd buy one in a second. It's interior totally overshadows RR's or any vehicle for that matter.

WOndering what your impressions are on the LR engine lineup this year. Does anyone know if the V8 has any hope of coming back without a SC?
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